Forklifts.com is a WEB site based facilitator for Sales and Management site specifically designed to implement uniform evaluation standards for the Material Handling Market, focused on Industrial Equipment and its’ related products with a specific emphasize on used equipment and related products in the industry.

We market, sell, finance, and rent:

·         Forklifts                    

·         Industrial Deep Cycle Battery Chargers

·         Man Lifts

·         Rail Car Movers

·         Yard Spotters

·         Personnel and Burden Carriers

We define, write and publish Uniform Industry Standards for used Material Handling Equipment Inspections and Evaluation.  We service and warrant our products using factory trained and certificated technicians employing "The FACTS, The Forklift Facts” utilizing Transparent Detailed Written Component Inspection, our Written Warranty and  your Performance Report  available 24/7.


We are your advocate to assist you in thinking inside and outside the box!  We want you to have knowledge of what is what is available for used equipment, parts, plus quality service, transportation. – It’s at no charge for our customers! 


of lifts and equipment from 1,500lb. capacity equipment, up to big 120,000lb units capable of 5-high containers. We have extensive experience from small warehouse forklifts to big trucks with special attachments, yard spotters, rail car movers, booms, scissors, personnel carriers, burden carriers and associated material handling equipment. We sell a wide variety of warehouse applications from distribution automation to the challenges of narrow aisle forklifts.  We can also help you with attachments such as pipe hold-down clamps, slope piler, top or side pick container handlers, rotators, clamps, forks, extensions and or push-pull applications.


“Simple communication for complex equipment.”

We are the source that you can depend on for fairness in price, quality using rigorous standards demonstrating superior integrity accurately representing equipment specifications, detailed equipment condition and guarantee it all in writing!


One way to reduce capital costs is considering a pre-owned piece of equipment. However, it can be very difficult to make the BEST choice unless you are an expert. It takes professional product training, specialized tools, and experience to effectively assess the over one hundred component parts that make up the typical forklift. We are your EXPERTS buying, selling, reconstituting used forklifts and related material handling equipment.

     A piece of equipment may "appear" to be in good condition but internal moving parts may be worn and the hydraulics start failing and leaking. The "Hour" meter is like the odometer on a car, but it is often easily replaced and can be an unreliable guide to the specific condition.  General statements and general descriptions, such as "no smoke" or "work ready" are not very descriptive alone for a complex piece of equipment. Therefore if you are not buying from FORKLIFTS.COM you may soon discover that "good deal" may be just a "deal pickle" without in depth knowledge and specialized evaluation methods and tools. You can rest in our commitment to honor our products as represented.  We guarantee it!  

     Let us take the guesswork out of buying a pre-owned piece of equipment. Our equipment is evaluated by trained and experienced mechanics/technicians that use the time proven Forklifts.com approved "Written Inspection Report". The report is easy-to-understand and describes the components' condition in great detail. KNOW THE FACTS, “THE FORK LIFT FACTS" TM SM


We can help tailor a transaction that fits your individual needs, whether it is an outright purchase, conditional sale, true lease, big truck rental, long-term rental, with or without maintenance. Please let us know you requirements and we will do our best to help you make it happen at the most competitive rates available in the market.


Finally, we ship equipment from: Florida to Washington, Texas to Malaysia, Chicago to South America or just down the road, directly to your dock!

“R U Forking with Me???”

Your Forklifts.com Team

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